About GiGi

Hi, I’m Gigi.  That’s not my given name, but it is my favorite name to go by these days!

I always thought my grandchildren would call me Nana, but when my granddaughter came along, a little earlier than I expected, I wasn’t ready to settle in to being “Nana”.  So, in a round-a-bout way, I became “Gigi”.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated (or delusional) about not being ready to be called Nana, and I truly don’t have any serious hang-ups about my age.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that Daisy, my granddaughter, could call me just about anything and it would be music to my ears!  She absolutely lights up the universe and it is a privilege to get to be a part of her world. But as much as I enjoy being her Gigi, I still enjoy a lot of other things, too!

If I didn’t mention it already, Daisy is a VERY bright light in my world. But I also enjoy spending time with the rest of my family (mostly her Pawpaw) and friends, painting, crafting, decorating, learning, creating (I’m pretty sure I’m the original Project Queen), working, networking, traveling (somewhat), photography, hanging out at the lake (as much as possible),and …TONS OF OTHER THINGS!

With all of these fun things to keep me busy, and a few things that may not be quite as fun, it may seem a little odd that I would take the time to BLOG.  I mean, not too long ago I didn’t even know the meaning of a blog! Well, I guess I’ve known for a while, but I never thought I would write one!  I suppose I figure with so many things keeping me busy, maybe online is the best way to connect with other grandparents who enjoy the role they play in the lives of their children and grandchildren, but still enjoy having a life of their own.

So, I hope you enjoy my musings and amusements, and perhaps you’ll join me by sharing some of your own. Oh, and feel free to ramble.  I probably will.


p.s.  If you are wondering about Rosie, well that’s not my given name either.  It’s a name my Dad used for me to (lovingly) characterize (at times) my disposition.  So, in the context of this blog, Rosie is an adjective, not a noun.