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So, since ROSIE is an adjective (see About Gigi), I think this project provides a good example of something that I find to be just ROSIE!

A friend told me that trays are all the rage now and I ran across this little cutie at one of my favorite hidden-treasure-hubs, The Salvation Army.

If you look closely, you can see that this one (like most of them, I think) used to have little feet that someone either cut, filed, or somehow broke off.  No big deal.  Just add some round pads to the bottom of the tray and it won’t scratch your surface.


I didn’t have one of these on my dresser when I was young, but I always wanted one. With just a little bit of rehab, I think it will look just Rosie in Daisy’s bedroom!


There just happened to be the right shade of pink ( Ballet Slipper ) in my spray paint collection. That, along with masking tape, a few paper towels, and some newspaper, was all it took for this project. Oh, and this handy trigger by Rust-O-leum, which is one of the best things to happen to  paint since combustion.

Anyway, I covered the mirrored bottom of the tray with the paper towels and used pieces of masking tape to hold it down around the edges.

A note to the wise. Or to the patient. It would have been better to use a primer.

I know, I know,

Yes, I have spray painted in the past.  Many times.

However, being more of a hare than a tortoise, I skipped that part.  So, naturally, the paint kind of slid off on some parts of the tray. It only took a couple of coats with a little drying time in between to get good coverage, though. Probably about the same amount of time it would have taken to use a primer in the first place. Oh well, all is well.  I’m trying to lose that perfection obsession anyway.


Quick, easy, adorable!  The only thing that might make it a little cuter would be to add some bling. Perhaps some gemstones glued to the center of the flowers?

Pink Princess Tray

Oh, and just because these trays were originally used on dressers and bathroom vanities for perfumes, powders, etc., you could get creative and use them elsewhere.

One last reflection for today.  I’m not sure our vanity tray is posh enough to fit in this space, but what little girl’s bedroom wouldn’t be adorable with this Princess Rose daybed?


I’d love to hear about some of your re-purposing projects!